This control derives from System.Windows.Forms.Panel and reduces the amount of flickering by redrawing to a minimum. Only in really rare cases you will still notice some flickering.
To use this control add a reference to the StuffNET.dll and right click in the controls-panel from the winforms designer, then click "choose items..." and click browse. Navigate to the StuffNET.dll and click "Open" and finally "OK". You should now see a new category named "StuffNET Components", there you will find the DBPanel and can use it like every other control.


This form allows you to easy show progress to the users of your application.
The following code will show how to use it:
ProgressForm pf = new ProgressForm("Test", ProgressBarStyle.Blocks, 0);
pf.CurrentOperationInfo = "Initialize...";
pf.Value = 20;

The form will close when value reached 100. The form does not run in an additional thread, so make sure you do not cause the form to freeze!

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